Ka Hālau – The Group

Hālau ‘O Keikiali’i is a traditional Hawaiian Cultural Group based in Elk Grove near Sacramento, California. Our goal is to educate the general public by learning about the Hawaiian people and their traditional customs, values and protocols. Besides having regularly scheduled classes, we strive to help perpetuate the rich culture of the Hawaiian people through educational workshops, performances and other cultural events.

Our primary focus is hula kahiko (ancient dance), which includes oli (chant), mele (traditional songs), himeni (modern songs), nā mea hula (arts, crafts, implements), lole hula (hula attire), ‘ōlelo (language), and mo’olelo (stories). We hope to reach people far and wide, touching people who may not be exposed to the Hawaiian culture and share with them the spirit of aloha. Visit our Events page to find any upcoming performances, workshops, or other events.

Ke Kumu – The Teacher
Kumu Kāwika Keikiali’ihiwahiwa Alfiche has been teaching hula and other aspects of Hawaiian culture since 1994 and has been a student of the Hawaiian culture all of his life. Kāwika is the Kumu for Hālau Hula (dance group), Hālau ‘O Keikiali’i, and Director for the Kaululehua Hawaiian Cultural Center. Kāwika spends his life teaching and sharing his culture through the hula.